How Do I Find the Right Lender?

Finding the right lender is a very important consideration in the home buying process. Not all lenders are willing to work with clients in need of a 203(k) loan due to the increased complexity involved. There’s also the fact that not all lenders understand the steps involved in the process, as it is different from the standard home buying process.


There are thousands of lenders in the US that work with the FHA, but they are not all created equal. It can be daunting trying to sort through your options on your own. Throw in the fact that even an FHA-approved lender may not be willing to work with a 203(k) loan, and things become very complicated, very quickly.

Perhaps the best place to start is with HUD/FHA. You’ll find that the organization offers a lender search function that lets you find approved lenders, and sort your options based on the types of mortgage programs they work with, including 203(k) loans (called Title 1 Property Improvement programs on the search page).

You can access this page here.

We recommend using HUD’s search feature even over going with a national lender like Quicken Loans, PNC, or New American Funding, all of which are top-rated, FHA-approved lenders. This is specifically because not all lenders are willing to deal with 203(k) loans. By using the search page, you can ensure that you are only considering lenders who do.

Plus, if you want to learn more about the top 203(k) lenders, check out our easy to read FAQ!